Friday, March 11, 2016

Humble Brag Coming Up

One of the best writers working in the PA / prepper genres today, Boyd Craven, was kind enough to give my short, After the Fall, a try and...gasp...actually liked it.

Check out Boyd's kind words here.

Thanks, Boyd!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Introducing Elliott Ryan

Hey folks - Evan Ronan here. This is the page for my new pen name, Elliott Ryan, under which I plan to write speculative fiction. Think post-apocalyptic and urban fantasy and heroic fantasy.

Why the different name for these books? It really just comes down to branding. With the very modest success of my Eddie McCloskey books, people are expecting paranormal thrillers when they buy or borrow an Evan Ronan story. While that's awesome, what I've found during this crazy self-pubbing experiment is these same readers are not as willing to try my other work.

So I'm creating this new name to draw some clear lines between what I write under Evan Ronan and Elliott Ryan. I've got a lot planned and am very excited to start releasing books under it as soon as I can.